Tony Palkovic

Writer - Performer

Tony is a creative at heart with a passion for connecting people through intentional writing and nostalgic cover music of all genres. Whether you need some sweet music to entertain you and your guests, or a discerning eye to help your web content connect with your audience, he brings a touch to projects that helps them become greater than the sum of all their parts.

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Musician, Writer and educator, Tony strives to connect humans to each other, ideas, and products that elevate their lives through crisp, vulnerable writing.


My approach to writing is an immersive one. Especially when it comes to filling the content section


A 'break the guitar out at a family function' musician, Tony excels at connecting with audiences through crisp guitar work and smooth vocals. He has a knack for reading a crowd and devising set lists on the fly that add greatly to every atmosphere. He also has written and recorded multiple projects with another single and music video set to be released this spring.